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 P23-TCM - Tenor Chest Mount

The Dynasty Tenor Chest Mount is the most comfortable, durable, and highly engineered product of its kind. Designed for used with 14", 15", and 16" Dynasty Traditional Single Tenor Drums, the kit features eye-bolts for easy attachment of a strap harness and padded belly-plate for added comfort..


P20-DLRDFZ - Dynasty Leg Rest and Multi-Angle Bar for DFZ Snare Drum

P23-LRDFX - Dynasty Leg Rest and Multi-Angle Bar for DFX Snare Drum

The Dynasty Leg Rest and Multi Angle Bar System is preferred amongst the best show bands in the country. This hi-tech leg rest is extremely durable and should last a lifetime.

Inspired by Johnny Lee Lane and the Tennessee State University marching band this leg rest is an amazing addition to the great sounding Dynasty marching drums. The Dynasty leg rest includes multi-angle bar and all attaching hardware.