timm pieper

Timm is a German arranger, educator and performer. He holds Marching Percusion Clinics throughout Europe and currently works with 4 German drumlines as Percussion Instructor. Timm teaches drumset & percussion at a music school and performs with two bands as a drummer. Also Timm is one of the founders of marchingmusic.de, Germany’s biggest music publisher for drum corps and marching band arrangements. In addition to his arranging and composing for marchingmusic.de he writes music for percussion ensembles and corps throughout Europe. As a percussion and ensemble music judge Timm judges for Drum Corps Germany and two other organisations. 

Since his childhood Timm plays Drumset in different Youth and School Orchestras and gets lessions in piano and aural training. At the age of 16 Timm started working with the local Percussion Group in his hometown Diepholz as instructor and arranger. Some years later as drumlins became interested in his work Timm began to hold clinics and workshops all around northern Germany. After finishing school, Timm studied audio engineering and graduated in 1997. During this period of time his work with drum corps and marching bands also increased so in 1998 Timm and a friend and musician decided to open marchingmusic.de to publish their own arrangements. After ten years of business, machingmusic.de is the biggest German publishing company for marching band and drum corps music. 

In addition to his work as an arranger, Timm does some mixing jobs as an audio engeneer and plays drums in a gala band and in a Toto cover band. As the director of band music in the N.M.V. (northern Geman music association) he works out courses of instruction and plans musical further trainings. 

Timm endorses Sticks and Malltets from Innovative Percussion and Dynasty USA. 

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