tim ouderits

Tim Ouderits (1975) began his musical career with Chris Lembrechts at the local music academy in Mol. Afterwards he started studying percussion at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium) where Leo Ouderits was his teacher. He got his degree of ‘Master in music’ and later got this same degree for chamber music as well as his specialization, both in Leuven (Belgium) at the Lemmens Institute. 
As a teacher of percussion Tim is active in the local academies of Geel (Belgium) and Mol where he trains and guides the younger generation of percussionists. 
Tim won the first prize at the Axion Classics Competition in 1994. He has already performed with many different orchestras such as deFilharmonie (the Royal Flemish Philharmonic), the Flanders Opera Symphony Orchestra, Hermes Ensemble, ‘Vier op een Rij’, The Caravelli Grand Orchestra, The Belle Epoque Orchestra and The Galaxy Symphonic Orchestra. Tim is a member of the Mol Percussion Orchestra. He has also co-operated in recording sessions for several artists such as Pur, José Carreras and Harry Van Hoof. In 2004 he recorded a Christmas CD together with Ludwig Albert, An Lemmens and Evert Van Eynde.