nathan mclaren

Nathan McLaren has had sticks in his hands for as long as he can remember. Growing up with parents who are professional musicians and teachers, he was exposed to every style of music from Drum Corp, to Pipe Band, Broadway, and the Opera. A rudimental snare drum specialist, Nathan extends his skills with exceptional command of the drumset and knowledge attained from building traditional rope drums and modern hi-tension snare drums. While many were marching in a corp, Nathan spent his teenage years in pursuit of a career in baseball. Ultimately a serious injury sidelined those dreams, but the long hours spent on the practice pad while on the bus paid off. A Canadian individual snare champion, a member of the DCA I&E Champion Ensemble (CADRE), he also performs professionally with the North American Champion Toronto Police Pipe Band. Nathan is the instructor for Sultan of Oman's Royal Army Drumline in the Middle East, and is a proud endorser of Dynasty, Vic Firth and 
He can be reached through his website at