marcus joyner

As one of the of the most energetic and entertaining performers to emerge from North Carolina, musician and percussionist Marcus Joyner is often compared to numerous percussion superstars. Marcus' blend of creativity, smooth dancing, stick tricks, and precision makes the songs we love to hear come alive and interactive. 

Marcus Joyner hails from Warrenton, North Carolina. He started playing drums in the Warren County High School Band drumline at the age of 11. He became percussion section leader in 8th grade and continued until he graduated in 2010. After high school, he received a percussion scholarship to attend North Carolina Central University (NCCU) where he majored in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Media. During his time at NCCU, he became a member of the marching sound machine band and was named section leader of the percussion section when he was a sophomore and served in this position for the remainder of his time at NCCU. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2014 to participate in the filming for the movie "Drumline: A New Beat," which aired on October 27th on television network VH1. Not only did Marcus have several cameos as well as a speaking role in the film, he composed and performed two solo performances for the main snare and tenor (quint) actors. 

While residing in Georgia, he also accepted the role as Percussion Instructor at Redan High School in DeKalb County. From there he moved to Japan to serve as snare drummer for Universal Studios Japan and performed in two contracted shows called "Drumline Beat" and "The Christmas Drum Jam" for four months. When that contract was over, Marcus stayed on the move. He landed gigs in LA, California, Brooklyn, NY, Atlanta, GA, and all over North Carolina where he would perform. Marcus also served as a judiciary at the 8th annual "Battle in the Apple" drumline competition in NY, 7th annual "Mike Tilley" drumline competition, and the 15th annual Warren County drumline competition both in North Carolina. He then moved to Atlanta to instruct at Benjamin E. Mays high school. Soon later Marcus moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue performing as well as giving online lessons to his students all over. 

Marcus currently serves as a mentor and percussion instructor in Brooklyn, New York for Brooklyn United Marching Band, the Brooklyn Nets Drumline, and teaches at schools and community centers in Brooklyn. Marcus is dedicated to inspiring others to follow their dreams. He continues to give to his community and travels the country presenting percussion clinics for middle schools, high schools, college band programs, music festivals, film festivals, and numerous music/ performing arts centers. 

Marcus endorses Dynasty drums and is an active member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).