kyron atrelle potts

Music is an expression of the soul. It translates emotional, spiritual and physical concepts of life. Kyron's father Steve Potts has been a major influence on his musical interests and talents through the years. Steve has been a professional drummer all of Kyron's life and has exhibited his unparalleled talent all around the world, even at the White House. 

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Kyron's musical journey has transformed his life professionally and personally. In middle school he began playing the trumpet as an extracurricular activity but quickly found it didn't fit his interests. At age 14 he started playing the bass drum in high school and soon began to take his musicianship more seriously, focusing more on rudiments. After a year he earned a spot on the snare drum line at his high school. The dedication that illuminated from his father's hard work, translated to his desire to become a more proficient musician. He became section leader for the Memphis All-Star Marching Band by his 10th grade year and maintained that position until graduation. The role of section leader paved the way to his desire to teach music. 

In 2006, Kyron began his freshman year at Tennessee State University and was a member of the world renowned Aristocrat of Bands. That year would prove to make a significant impact on his direction within the percussion section. He received the Showmanship Award in 2006 for profound execution in every performance. Kyron also earned the role of section leader of the drum line and has received various awards and recognition for his impact on the musical enhancement of the aristocratic sound. These awards include: Most Valuable Player, Best Section Director's Choice two years in a row and Best Section Band's Choice. His amazing talents on the drum would ultimately become a turning point for his future at Tennessee State University. 

Kyron's hard work and dedication to enhance the drum line ultimately catapulted him into the role of Assistant Percussion Instructor for the Tennessee State University Marching Band in 2015. He currently travels with the Marching Band throughout the country and continues to imprint his skills and advanced techniques to produce an unequivocal sound.