chris romanowski

Chris Romanowski, also known as "Romo," is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and co-creator of the HeavyHitter Pads series manufactured by Vic Firth. Chris also created RUDIMENTALTEES.COM - a Designer Quality Drum Shirt company that is doing its part to make drummers every where look good! 

In 2011 Chris was hired by the Atlanta CV as Percussion Caption Head and Arranger. In 2 short seasons the percussion section grew to its largest size ever, fielding 10 snares, 5 quads, 5 basses, and 13 front ensemble. In 2017 at DCA Championships Atlanta CV finished in 2nd, not only with a record score and placement for CV, but a record score and placement from any DCA Corps from the South with a 96.63! 

In 2013 Chris had the incredible honor to be on the DCI Championships Open Class Judging Panel 

Chris has had the pleasure to work with and write for groups including the Plymouth Canton HS from MI, Etiwanda HS from CA, and Hillgrove HS from Cobb County GA. Chris's groups have won 14 Bands of America Regional Championships, 2 Bands of America National Championships and are perennial finalists. 

Chris has also been the Caption Head and Arranger for The Magic of Orlando, The Rochester Patriots Drum Corps, and the Pride of Soka Drum Corps from Japan. With Chris as arranger and Caption Head, The Patriots won the DCI Division II High Percussion Trophy and his group from Japan, Pride of Soka, won High Percussion in the Drum Corps Japan Championships. 

Chris is an active clinician and has been a Drum Corps International Judge since 2006. Chris has judged DCI Open Class Championships three times and he served on the DCI World Class Championships Prelims panel in 2017. 

Chris is proud to be a member of the Dynasty Drums, Vic Firth, Zildjian, and Remo Educational Teams. He currently resides in Dallas, Georgia with his wife, daughter, son, and pug and he still loves to drum!